CCTV surveillance

The video surveillance system has come a long way since its beginning. Now it has moved to third-generation IP-based CCTV surveillance

As technology evolved, it has become important to monitor the actions everywhere. Today, people are more concerned about the security of their business, property, and safety and thus video surveillance systems are gaining immense popularity. 

Most of the time, you do not have a dedicated staff to take care of this process in-house. Or you might not be able to keep the security staff when your offices are closed. 

To get a piece of mind, rather than worrying, you need to focus on the core activities of the business. Thus, outsourcing your video monitoring system is a great option. 

The benefit is that you get every service at a fraction of the price compared to what you have to invest if you have hired an in-house team. 

The cost of having an in-house surveillance camera team

Before everything, let us get a look at the cost of purchasing and installing the video cameras around your business. Make sure that the exact amount will depend on the size of your office and how many cameras you need, the installation, and the quality of the video you need. 

Purchasing components

First, you need to start your process by researching and purchasing video cameras. The prices vary on quality but if you are looking for hi-tech devices, then it going to cost you more. 

Apart from that, there are pan-tilt-zoom cameras that your security team can control and it costs more than a normal security camera. The cost is approximately between $700-$1000.

With the help of a security expert, you can figure out how many of them you need in your business. 

Maintenance and installation

After purchasing, you need to install the cameras in the locations near your job site. You need expert personnel it is important to mount them into the right positions.

When you hire an expert, then it costs you somewhere around $2000. It will be more if you install the cameras on a bigger site. 

After that, there is maintenance involved. This is because your devices need software updates, wire replacements, lens cleaning, and repairs. 

Hiring security staff

Well, you can monitor your CCTV surveillance system yourself, but you are not going to get any sleep. Have you thought about it?

What you can do instead is hire a security team that can watch the whole overnight and the day. It is very similar to hiring full-time employees who will keep a close watch on your business day and night. 

You need a trained and trusted worker who can handle the job. 

Thus, all this equates to a larger cost when compared with outsourcing your video surveillance system. 

Let us help you understand this fact through the benefits.

Benefits of outsourcing the CCTV surveillance system

Outsourcing your CCTV monitoring to an expert security team is far better than making your in-house team. It will also help you save money with a lot of benefits. 

Let us shed a light on those:

No purchases are needed

Well, in many cases you do not have to purchase any cameras or security devices while hiring a security team. When you outsource, it allows you to get just the optimal setup for every location without buying any equipment or increasing the costs. 

If you see that your current setup is not working, then the outsourcing team will manage it accordingly and you do not have to buy any more equipment. 

Round-the-clock monitoring

When you employ an outsourcing team for video surveillance, they will watch your business 24/7. You do not have to hire anyone and this will cut down the costs. 

They have a team of experts who will keep an eye on the camera feed in real-time and 24×7. If there is any case of a threat, then they can immediately notify it so that the damage can be prevented. 

Seamless access to video footage

In any case, if anything unusual happens at night, it will only come to your knowledge when your staff report it to you after the duty. As you have to stream the video for hours to look for the footage of the offence. 

But with outsourcing, a team can find the footage for you quickly using remote monitoring. They can easily access recordings stored in the cloud, even if they’re months old.

Boost Business Performance and Productivity

As a business, you need data to make decisions. Outsourcing surveillance can help with that. For example, if you run a supermarket, the outsourced team can give you data on how many customers come in and buy things. 

This helps you understand customer behaviour better and improve how you engage with them. The surveillance system can also help you check if employees are doing their jobs properly and keep the workplace clean and orderly. 

This all helps your business run smoother and more efficiently.

Proactive Maintenance Support

Outsourcing partners can help keep your surveillance system running smoothly. They’ll regularly check that all the equipment is working properly and fix any problems before they become big issues. 

This saves you money on repairs and makes sure you’re getting good quality surveillance all the time.

Monitor Employee Habits, Behavior, and Patterns

In a big office, it’s hard to keep track of what everyone is doing. Outsourced operators can use video analytics to spot any unusual behaviour in real time. This helps prevent things like theft or breaking the rules, which keeps your business running smoothly.

Quicker Response Times

If something bad happens, it’s important to act fast. Outsourced operators will be able to speed-dial concerned authorities to respond quickly to any problems. This helps catch criminals and recover stolen property faster.

Cargasison Express for CCTV surveillance system 

When you are outsourcing your video surveillance to experts such as Cargaison Express, then you can safeguard your personal and commercial property. You can be at peace of mind with all your business data and property.

An outsourcing company brings various benefits such as avoiding the upfront cost and can also save you a lot of money in the long run. 

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