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Tips to Streamline Communication with outsourced customer service team

More than 57% of the US companies outsource their IT services. Thus, working with an offshore team is becoming very common. Many companies are hiring outsourced customer service teams to keep up with the competition while they stay within the budget. With this, you have to make sure that the distance does not hinder the productivity. 

Well, how are you going to do what? 

Outsourcing demands strict supervision and attention. Thus, it is very important to know how to overcome challenges and leverage strong communication. 

To resolve these setbacks, let us discuss some of the best strategies in this blog. 

Why streamlining communication is important?

A collaboration requires strong and consistent information. Because without it, the quality of communication will be hampered. This will later on become a hindrance to achieving the ultimate goals. Establishing good communication will help offshore teams to keep operations smooth. This will eventually build trust among the team members.

Also, according to 86% of employees, the main reason for workplace issues are due to inefficient communication. Poor communication can be devastating for business and costly mistakes can decrease productivity and efficiency. 

This will not only cost the business time and money but can affect its reputation. To avoid these failures, good communication between offshore and onshore communication is essential. 

How to build an offshore sales team? 

Building an outsourced customer service team is beneficial for business and saves huge operational costs. But how are you going to build one?

Let us discuss the steps involved in building an offshore team. 

Start with a pre-screening

Collect critical information that is important for screening. Ask for the CV and certain details such as job experience, awards, educational background and the expertise in same industry.

Interview them online through Zoom, Google Meet, or any other video conference tool. This can save you a lot of time money, and other resources. 

Explore different business models

It’s a wise decision to consider the cost of hiring while building an offshore team. You must have cost-effectiveness in mind and must be aware of any hidden costs that you need to know before hiring the company. 
One of the best countries that knows the right standard operating procedure (SOP) and can handle your outsourced tasks in India. At low cost, you can browse among the most talented workforce. They also possess great communication skills that are useful for conducting smooth business. 

Interview the candidate with diverse skills

You must remember to examine diverse skill sets that must be there in the candidate to achieve your objectives. This is going to reduce your costs for training and any in-house development. 

Start Small


It is beneficial to start small with an outsourced customer service team. This will help the companies to get familiar with your company and members of your team. 
It will help you understand the quality of work done, professionalism, skill sets, work ethics, and the attitude of the team members. 

Evaluate the results

Evaluating the results must be taken seriously as hiring a bad team can waste your time and money. Thus with proper evaluation, arriving at the best decision will not seem tough and complicated.
It will ensure that all your considerations and requirements are being met and the team is adhering to the set deadlines. 

How To Streamline Communication with Outsourced Customer Service Team?

To ensure effective communication with your offshore team, you must be able to streamline your communication. Let us see how you can do that. 

Set up a trustworthy relationship 

Always remember that the outsourced customer service team is an extension of your in-house team. You do not have to act like the clients who just want the projects to be completed before the deadline. 
The offshore team is equally important just as your in-house team. They are dedicated and can transform your business. If you keep them motivated, they are going to exceed your expectations. 
You need to ensure that you involve your remote team in every function of the project. Make them feel appreciated and connect with them so there are no communication issues. 

Consistent communication is the key

From the beginning, you must be very clear regarding the project requirements. You must not stop the communication funnel at any point and must evaluate how everything is going. 
With consistent communication, you will be able to stay updated on what is being done. You will be able to figure out any upcoming challenges and solve them before time. 
Communicate your strategy and share your ideas and expectations systematically to achieve the desired result. 

Transfer knowledge to leading offshore team

When the knowledge is not shared properly, it can negatively impact the productivity of the team. The details of the project can be accessed by furnishing technical documentation, presentations, and how-to guides. 
Clarify all the aspects of the information so that you can avoid any miscommunication from the beginning. It also ensures that all employees have access to the information that they need without wasting any time. 

Be clear with the instructions

As you know communication is the primary key, the offshore team must have a strong grasp of the vision of the project. 
They must be aware of the business objective and it is very important to keep your message focused. You must avoid too much detailing and make sure that your message is clear and crisp. 
You must remember that the outsourced customer service team is situated at different locations. You need to ensure they are motivated and communicate how their input will impact your business. 

Jot down ground rules with the offshore team 

It does make a huge difference when you follow even the simple rules. For instance, drafting emails, using the designated tools for communication and setting fixed times for the team meets. 
You need to decide the communication channel that is suitable for all employees in an offshore team. 

Winding up

The success of any company that delegates work with an outsourced customer service team depends on how efficiently they are handling the communication. 
When consistent and healthy communication is practised on onshore and offshore teams, the benefits surface will be beyond your expectations. If you leverage communication with the right methods, then it has the power to produce remarkable outcomes for the company.