Freight broker management is a great career with high income, excellent commissions,  benefits, and the option to work from home. 

The importance of shipping has never been greater. This is why these jobs are highly in demand. New business inventory practices and recovery from supply chain issues have created a big need for brokers.

According to Zippia, there will be a 7% growth in freight broker jobs from 2018 to 2028, adding 32,400 jobs. The pandemic has changed things and the demand for brokers is even higher now.

Jobs for cargo and freight agents are expected to grow by 2.6% annually, and brokerage clerks will see a 2.7% yearly growth. This increase is because the freight brokerage industry has grown to an impressive $41.47 billion between 2020 and 2024. 

Is being a Freight Broker hard?

Well, of course, it is. But that does not mean that being a successful freight broker is impossible. It only means that it takes a lot of hard work. 

If the idea of making more than 60 cold calls every day and handling lots of office work seems scary, you might want to consider starting your career as an agent or employee at a brokerage instead. 

And then start to work towards the goal of starting your freight brokerage in a year or two.

7 tips that will help you find success in the Freight brokerage industry.

Let us have a look at the tips for being a successful freight broker.

Find Your Specialty

It is very important as a freight broker to figure out what you’re good at in the shipping world.

It means looking deep into what you’re best at and using that to help out in the industry. 

Once you know your specialty, you can target the right customers.

Have good relationships with Carriers

The main key is to build strong relationships with good truckers as they are like a treasure. Keep communication clear and pay them on time. 

If they have a good experience with you, they’ll be eager to work with you again.

Stay Organized

To do well in the freight biz, you gotta stay on top of everything. That means keeping tabs on all your shipments, talking well with everyone involved, and making sure everything runs like clockwork. 

Set up systems to keep yourself organized and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Use technology

Nowadays, you can’t do without technology, especially in shipping. Using the right software can make your job easier, smooth out your workflows, and even handle some tasks automatically. 

Look into transportation management systems, accounting software, and safety/compliance tools to keep your business running.

Through technology, you can help in improving the accuracy and efficiency while also freeing up the so that you can focus to grow on your business. 

Know your stuff

Being a freight broker, you must be aware of the ins and outs of the transportation industry. 

Well, this includes knowing about different types of trucks, logistics, routes, etc. The more information you have, the better the chances of finding success in the field. 

Many resources are out there that will help you keep informed on what is going on in the industry. The trucking industry is constantly evolving and changing. Through reading industry blogs and news, you can get to know about updated shipping trends, new regulations, and other information that can have an impact on your business. 

Get a freight broker certification/training

Even if you have years of experience working in the best logistics company, it is still a great idea to get proper certification or training before you become a freight broker. 

It will provide you with a great foundation on which you can build your freight brokerage career. There are many great schools out there that you can attend and it will brush up your knowledge of being a freight broker.

Make a positive reputation

Well, when it comes to business, the people do business with the people they know, trust, or like. When you are a freight broker, you must focus on building a positive reputation within the industry. 

There are many ways to do this such as by networking at events, taking part in trade associations, and providing excellent customer service. 

Must have qualities of a freight broker

If you want to work as a successful broker, then you must have some qualities that can produce the best results. If you have these qualities then freight broking can be your ideal career.


Start your day with a plan. Prioritize which carriers and shippers need to be connected. Keep track of all shipments and ensure they’re going smoothly. Planning helps meet the shipper’s needs and ensures nothing is forgotten. Using CRM software can significantly help.


You need to know about shipping but don’t worry, you can learn it. Understand different shipping options to find the best solutions for clients. The more you know the better you will be able to strategize for the best outcomes. 

You must also know that learning early in your career puts you ahead.


Freight brokering is all about being self-sufficient. You need to hold yourself accountable and be willing to grow with the job. Train yourself as things change and maintain a solid work ethic. It’s a great job if you don’t like being told what to do.


Setting goals daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly is crucial. Daily goals keep you motivated, pushing forward, making new contacts, and finding solutions. Without them, it’s easy to slack off.

Quick Problem Solver

The freight market changes daily and shippers need solutions immediately. If you can solve problems quickly, shippers will be delighted, and you’ll increase your income.

Naturally Curious

Curiosity helps freight brokers win contracts and new clients. Learn as markets shift, look for new approaches, and experiment with new strategies. 

The naturally curious find new ways to set themselves apart in the marketplace.

Good Communicator

Connecting shippers with freight companies requires excellent communication. You need to communicate with shippers, truckers, and carriers, shop for the best rates, and make arrangements. 

Ask questions to understand client’s needs and make recommendations. Set expectations with carriers to get what you want.

Team Player

Successful brokers share tips and help each other overcome problems. Team communication improves everyone’s business and abilities, resulting in happy clients.


Freight brokers need to compete from day one. Success comes with the will to compete and get your name out there to work with the same clients other brokers want.


Stay organized, work odd hours when needed, and keep yourself motivated. No one will offer you rewards and encouragement; you have to motivate yourself.


Freight brokers handle constant changes, new shipper demands, and varying duties. The ability to multitask is a must.

Competent and Confident

Shippers need their products moved quickly and reliably. Carriers need to know you mean business when negotiating timelines and rates. Be confident and back that confidence with competence for tremendous success.

Wrapping up

To be a successful freight broker, you need to work hard and have certain skills. Focus on a specialty, build good relationships with carriers, stay organized, use technology, and learn about the industry. 

Getting certified and having a good reputation also help. A must-have quality to be the best logistic broker is deep knowledge of the trucking industry. 

You need to stay persistent. Remember, you have got this!